Add interest to the kitchen

Inject warmth with this lightbulb trick

Some rental spaces are without much personality and often feel cold and lifeless. To inject warmth into the place, pair a brass fixture with an LED amber light bulb. It creates a cosy glow that will warm up the place and make it feel more homely.

Go wireless with sconces

Love the look of bedside sconces but think you can’t have them because you’re a renter? This is understandable, because most landlords won’t allow you to electrically wire a new fixture into the wall. But there is a way to fake it in order to achieve the look. Simply adhere a sconce to the wall and attach a puck light inside. You can control the light by remote, while your sconce looks as if it has been hardwired by an electrician.

Ask permission to swap out fixtures

If you plan on renting your new space long-term and the majority of the existing fixtures are unsightly and dated, then consider getting the landlord’s permission to take them down temporarily. If they give you the go-ahead, remove the fixtures and store them away in a safe place, ready to put back up when you move out. Replace the old fixtures with ones of your choice that match your design aesthetic and taste. Pendant lighting instantly makes a room appear more contemporary, so if you’re looking for an easy way to update a space, opt for these.

Incorporate more lamps

If swapping out the old fixtures is not an option, then invest in lamps. Stylish floor and table lamps have the ability to transform a space, plus they offer task lighting for reading nooks and workspaces. Small apartments can have awkward corners that are tricky to illuminate. The correct sized lamp can give the space character and light, ensuring it is not a shadowy pocket in the home. The portability of lamps also makes them easier for moving about a space, as well as into different rooms, enabling you to create a fresh new look.

Don’t neglect your outdoor area

If your rental unit comes with a patio, balcony or outdoor area of some sort, then consider customising it with LED rope lights or fairy lights. Wrap them around latticework, handrails and pillars.

Add interest to the kitchen

The kitchen can be a challenging place to put your personal touch to when you’re renting. The simple addition of LED tape lights or plug-in cabinet lights can give the space a polished look. These fixtures are easy to install and offer useful task lighting while giving the room dimension.

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