Interior Wall Lighting Tips for your Home.

Stick to a style

Take the overall style of your home into consideration when selecting wall lights. Although functional, lighting also plays a role in the look and feel of a space so it’s important that you choose fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing. Ask yourself how you would describe your home – is rustic or traditional or industrial? Perhaps it’s more contemporary or Scandinavian-inspired? Select wall lights that fit that same description. In addition, homeowners often get stuck on metal finishes and wonder if they have to stick to just one. The simple answer is no. It’s possible to have a mixture of say, matte black and brass finishes for cabinet hardware, doorknobs, faucets etc. Just be sure to choose one as your dominant finish and use it throughout your home. So if you’ve decided on matte black as your dominant finish and your living room features a brass curtain rod, brass candlestick holders and matte black door knobs then it’s probably a good idea to go with matte black wall lighting fixtures. It’s essentially about tying the look together to create harmony.

Pair them up

If you think a matching pair of wall lights is stuffy and dated, think again. Using two identical fixtures to flank an object or area in the home creates a cohesive look and brings symmetry to a room.  Consider placing a wall sconce on either side of the following: the bed, the bathroom mirror, the sofa, the dining room server, the tv, or the fireplace.

Use multiples in a row

Long hallways and corridors benefit from having wall fixtures installed along their length. Use the same fixture to ensure a balanced, harmonious look. A general rule of thumb for spacing these fixtures is anywhere from 200 cm to 250 cm apart, depending on the length of the wall. It’s also necessary to factor in any architectural features such as doorways or vaulted ceilings when deciding how far apart to space them.

Install a dimmer

Wall lights are often used as supplemental lighting in a room, meaning they’re not the main source of ambient lighting and play more of a supportive role to create a layered look. Connect them to a dimmer so that you can play around with the amount of light they offer. Dim them in the evening to create a cosy ambience or turn them up to full brightness for activities like reading or board games.Get the height right
Aim to install your wall lights about 150 cm above floor level. This is just a general rule of thumb, though, and can be adjusted slightly to accommodate the size of the fixture and ceiling height. Regardless of the height you choose, always keep in mind that you should not come eye-to-eye with an exposed bulb once the fixture is installed.

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