Project Lighting: Take your Lighting Plan to the Next Level

An architectural project or renovation is made up of a number of varying elements, each needing careful consideration to ensure a cohesive end result. Lighting is one of these elements and it can have a dramatic impact on how the finished project is perceived.

A successful lighting plan calls for the contractor, developer and light fitting supplier to enter into a dialogue and reach an understanding about what is required and how those requirements will be met. The Radiant Lighting team boasts extensive knowledge about project lighting and knows exactly how to source unique fixtures to suit all sorts of installation requirements. With so much experience under our belts, we’ve become the preferred choice for contractors and developers alike because we know how to satisfy any project brief. Our insight about products, technology and the effects of lighting allow us to assist with integrating lighting into even the most challenging interior design projects.

As lighting experts we understand that quality project lighting is based on the balance of the following three pillars:

Human Needs

It’s no secret that the quality of lighting in a building affects the people in it. A happy, healthy, and productive office environment relies on appropriate lighting and sufficient, strategically-placed office systems. Places such as public facilities, shopping centres and parks attract more visitors and shoppers when they’re well-lit.

Architectural Considerations

Modern architecture is complex and often features technological advancements not found in the buildings of decades gone by. This calls for lighting that is seamlessly integrated into the architecture. In fact, lighting design is now seen as a creative extension of architecture with the main objective being to compliment the style, shapes, and colours used throughout the building.

Energy Efficiency

Most modern-day lighting project briefs will ask for a sustainable lighting solution. This results in a smaller ecological footprint and a lower energy bill, so it’s a win-win situation for both the client and the environment. LED lighting set on a dimmer switch, timer, or motion-sensor is often used to achieve this.

Contact us to learn more about our extensive range of indoor and outdoor fixtures for your next project. Our team of specialists is always happy to offer professional and technical advice, from specifying and on-site supervisory to after-sales service which is backed up by warranties. Radiant Lighting is ISO2009:2015 compliant.  Let us take your project to the next level.

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