Architectural Outdoor Lighting

The addition of exterior lighting to the outside of a home can really transform how you perceive a particular element, be it the façade of the house or the landscape that surrounds it. Lighting that is used to showcase key features or disguise others is sometimes referred to as architectural lighting, and when you implement this technique on the outside of your home, the interplay of light and shadow makes your home appear more interesting and multidimensional.

When planning outdoor architectural lighting it’s important to establish what your primary goal is. Are you wanting to highlight specific features? Do you want to add life to an otherwise dull area or surface? Perhaps you simply want to create a clear path? Once you’ve identified your goal and the areas you want to illuminate, you need to understand what fixtures are available and where they work best.


These lights are small posts with a built-in light and diffuser. They can be used to define a driveway or entrance path and also work to frame a specific feature or area in the yard.


These lights can be mounted on any vertical surface and are usually positioned at the front of the house and at the back, especially if you have an entertainment area. They provide an even wash of light to illuminate exterior areas of the home, making the space feel welcoming and comfortable.


Post lights add character to your exterior and are commonly used for entrances, driveways, gates, fences, and around the deck. These fixtures mount on top of posts and are usually sturdy and durable to withstand exposure to the elements.


Installed directly into decking, deck lights are an accent to the architectural details of your deck. They also offer the necessary illumination that is needed for people to identify the different surface levels and move about safely.


Spotlights, wash lights, well lights, and floodlights all fall into this category and can be used in combination to create a layered lighting effect in your garden and around the exterior of your house. Uplights are either installed at ground level or just below, and are great for creating interest around fountains, flower beds, and trees as they shine light in an upward direction highlight the architectural and natural features of your home and garden.

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