Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Effective from 1 April 2022, the cost of electricity in South Africa will rise from just over R1.33 per kWh to around R1.46. This increase is prompting homeowners to take a more strategic approach when it comes to illuminating their homes. If reducing the cost of your electricity bill is a priority for you, then there are two lighting options to consider.


LED technology is continuously advancing and while buying LED bulbs was once a costly affair, this is no longer the case. They now retail at a similar price point as their incandescent counterpoints and with their myriad of benefits, it only makes sense to swap out older outdated bulbs for new LED ones. An LED bulb requires much less wattage than an incandescent bulb. In fact, to produce the same level of illumination, an LED bulb will, for example, use 6W of electricity while an incandescent will use around 40W – 60W. They also have a comparatively longer lifespan and don’t have to be replaced as often, saving you the time, money and hassle of changing bulbs regularly.


A home shrouded in darkness is a target for criminals. Lighting is an integral part of any home security system, but it can be costly to illuminate for hours on end. Day/night bulbs are an energy-efficient solution, especially if you’re going to be away from home for long periods of time. They have a photocell that registers the brilliance of ambient light and activates when the light levels reach a certain level. This enables them to automatically switch on at dusk and then off again at dawn.


Another strategy to employ is connecting your lighting to a timer. By setting your lights to come on and go off at specified times, you can mimic your routine to make it appear as though you are home, even when you’re not. Light timers are either mechanical or electrical in nature, and serve as a communicator between the power source and light. Light timers are particularly beneficial for people who work away a lot, or who come home after the sun sets.

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