2022 Lighting Trends to Love

Lighting as Functional Art

An increasing number of modern homes are including functional art in their design plan. A good example is those TVs that feature a picture frame and display paintings, so that they appear as a work of art on the wall and not as a TV. This year, the functional art trend includes lighting in the home and fixtures are not only used to illuminate a room, but act as art too. A statement pendant suspended above the dining table or a cluster of small minimalist table lamps positioned on a hallway sideboard, are all examples of lighting fulfilling the role of functional art.

Nostalgic Lighting

The past two years have been challenging for many, so it’s only natural that people want to create homes that spark memories of simpler times. Lighting design that embodies or hints at design trends from earlier decades, injects that sought after sense of nostalgia into a space. Fixtures in smoked glass and dome-shapes are a nod to the 70s, while art deco designs with their chrome and crystal finishes, pay tribute to the 30s. And then there are the clear glass pendants with filament bulbs that take us back even further.


Lighting in matt black finishes continue to be at the forefront of lighting design trends, but joining them this year are alabaster fixtures. Particularly popular with lovers of a neutral palette, these fixtures are just translucent enough to offer a soft glow while still obscuring the bulb itself. Alabaster fixtures are available in a variety of styles, but they do have a slightly antique look about them, which adds to that feeling of nostalgia we’re all after these days.


The longevity of this trend is undeniable. It evolves slightly each year to keep up with the times, but the very essence of Nordic-inspired lighting remains the same – minimalist design with clean lines and a focus on warm, diffused light to create that ‘hygge’ feeling of cosiness and comfort. This year, look for sculptural options with brass or copper finishes and opal white or optic clear globes.

Sconces in Every Room

Add sconces to every room. The humble wall light has often been an afterthought when designing a lighting plan, with ceiling fixtures and lamps taking centre stage. But this year, we’re seeing sconces in unexpected places and it’s possibly one of our favourite trends. Flank your bed with them in place of table lamps, install one near the kitchen sink or add one or two to your gallery wall (functional art). Sconces placed in non-traditional spots add an element of interest to any room.

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