2021 Lighting Trends – Our Top Picks

Lamps are always going to have a place in the home, but this year will see an emphasis on them, especially those on the smaller side. With so many of us spending more time at home these days, lighting trends have taken a somewhat nostalgic direction. Small lamps are ideal for creating that warm, cosy, intimate feeling we crave and are the perfect solution for achieving balance and interest, as well as filling out negative space. Placement is key with this trend. The idea is to include the lamp in a lineup of objects, to group it with other items. For example, a small lamp placed among photo frames, a vase of flowers, and candles on a console table. Or perhaps alongside an array of ornaments and books on an open shelf. Your small lamps should be part of a collection of items as opposed to a stand-alone object. 

The clear glass pendant trend has been around a while and continues to gain momentum. These fixtures are a blend of rustic and industrial design and look at home in a variety of settings from Scandi minimalism to modern farmhouse and everywhere in-between. With more people moving to urban environments where space is limited, this style of lighting has proved to be the perfect fit for compact homes. It provides plenty of light and doesn’t block the line of sight in a room. Clear glass pendants are often coupled with vintage-style Edison bulbs which give them a more playful, retro look and feel.

Curved lines in design serve to soften a space, giving it more of a relaxed feel. Lighting with curved edges and circular shapes is trending again this year. The circle is an infinite shape with no beginning and no end, bringing a sense of completeness to a room. Chandeliers and pendant lights present you with your best opportunity for incorporating this trend into your space. This year, the circular fixture trend is less ’60s retro-inspired and more contemporary organic.

The chandelier is perhaps one of the most classic of all lighting designs, yet it somehow remains relevant in today’s contemporary decor schemes. This timeless fixture was once only found in opulent traditional homes, but has reinvented itself to meet modern tastes. This year, the chandelier remains on-trend by serving as the main attraction in the room as opposed to an accessory. In discrete spaces, the chandelier is the art – there is no object to distract from it. Regardless of whether you go for a traditional shape or a more contemporary design, ensure that the fixture steals the show. Go big and bold.

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