6 Reasons to Install Panel Lighting

Panel lighting

Adopting a more conscious approach when illuminating our home and work environments comes with a multitude of benefits. It saves money and is better for the environment and our health. Panel lighting is a fixture option that is both energy-efficient and economical and should be considered for professional environments such as offices, schools, shopping malls, medical practices, libraries and a host of commercial spaces. It’s also becoming increasingly popular in residential spaces like garages, bathrooms and kitchens. These are some of the reasons to consider installing them…

They’re cost-effective

LED panel lights dissipate less heat in comparison to fluorescent fixtures. This means that they consume less energy, and will therefore reduce your electricity bill. In addition, they operate using LED diodes and there are no tubes to replace, eliminating maintenance and installation expenses.

They have a long lifespan

These fixtures have an impressive life span of up to 100 000 hours. This works out to about 27 years if the lights are switched on for seven to eight hours per day.

They’re shock resistant

The shock-resistant nature of LED panel lights is due to the fact that they are usually manufactured using a hard resin. This design feature also helps control the temperature and makes them particularly difficult to damage.

They’re eco-friendly

LED panels are a low-energy consumption fixture that uses eco-friendly technology. Throughout the manufacturing process, minimal pollution is generated and there is no mercury in the end product. One panel is the equivalent of six fluorescent bulbs. By using fewer bulbs, the voltage requirements of the home or office space are lowered.

They’re easy to maintain

Cleaning an LED panel light is easy. Simply wipe the panel with a damp cloth to maintain it.

They produce quality illumination

LED panels are flicker-free and diffuse light well. Because they don’t flicker like their fluorescent counterparts, they minimise headaches and allow the occupants in the room to concentrate for longer and maintain their energy levels.

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