Radiant Office Systems for the Modern Workplace

The modern office has undergone some notable changes over the past few decades. Gone are the days of cubicles and corner offices. Step into a 21st-century office and you’re likely to be met with open plan desk arrangements, flexible presentation spaces, and collaborative work zones.

The evolution of technology over the years has also changed the way we work. While desktop computers are still standard, many office employees also use laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices – all of which connect to the internet. This, combined with a more open, collaborative layout, means that setting up a modern office system is vital to maintain productivity.

But what exactly is an office system?

An office system refers to the various components and elements of an office, from the physical equipment to the general layout and atmosphere. All of these components and elements have a direct impact on how employees interact with one another and how they function within their role.

In order for employees to work efficiently and comfortably, there needs to be sufficient sockets and outlets for them to plug in their devices. And they need to be located throughout the entire office – not just at their desks. Radiant’s range of electrical office systems allows for the customisation of different work zones throughout the office, be it at an individual’s desk, in the boardroom or in a collaborative workspace. Choose from various sockets and data, telephone, VGA, HDNI, RCA, video and USB outlets.

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