Placement of Table and Floor Lamps

A new lamp, be it for the floor or a table, does wonders for a room by adding a decorative touch and functional illumination. While these fixtures work just about anywhere in the room, some areas are better than others.

When a lamp is placed in a considered spot, it ties in with the room as a whole and allows you to make optimal use of the light it’s providing. Table lamps are great for rooms where size is an issue because they’re placed on other objects like coffee tables and consoles, saving on floor space. They’re often paired up to create a balanced look but can most certainly work as stand-alone fixtures when placed in the right location. Floor lamps should be placed where they’re not in the way of people socialising, but in a position where the occupants of the room can make the most of their light. The following 6 arrangements are the ones we recommend most when decorating with table lamps and floor lamps.


1. On a Console Table

A table lamp makes the perfect accessory for a console table. Your console may be set against a wall or at the back of a sofa, but regardless of its location, a table lamp is going to complete the look. Use two identical lamps to add visual balance to a long console or place a single lamp alongside a vase of flowers and picture frames for an attractive decorative arrangement. A table lamp with an opaque shade will offer soft light while an exposed bulb or transparent shade provides brighter illumination for the entire room.

2. On a Bedside Table

Bedside tables are a common spot for table lamps, with many bedrooms featuring matching lamps on either side of the bed. When selecting a table lamp for this area, keep the intensity of illumination in mind. Ideally, you want a lamp that provides soft illumination so that you don’t wake your partner up if you turn it on in the middle of the night.

3. On a Side or End Table

The side table next to your armchair or sofa in the living room is an ideal place for a lamp. Select a lamp that complements the style of the chair its placed next to and don’t be afraid of using a matching lamp on the other end of the sofa if it’s long. Matching side tables and lamps placed on either side of a large sofa creates a symmetrical look which is pleasing to the eye. Table lamps on side tables are great for supplementing the fading natural light in the room in the early morning or as the sun sets in the evening.


4. Next to a Chair or Sofa

One of the most common arrangements in the living room area is the lamp and sofa pairing. A floor lamp placed next to a sofa provides functional light for activities like reading. It also creates a cosy atmosphere and makes the sofa look comfy and inviting. Another practical benefit of this arrangement is that it allows for the lamp cord to be run beneath the sofa. This prevents the cord from becoming a tripping hazard and it doesn’t look unsightly. A floor lamp with an upturned shade will give you ambient light while a downward shade provides more intense illumination.

5. In the Corner of Your Room

Add secondary light to a room by placing a floor lamp in the corner. This illumination will supplement the light already provided by your existing ceiling light. If you don’t have any existing fixtures in the room then your floor lamp will be the sole provider of illumination and for this reason, you need to use multiples. Having multiple floor lamps in different corners of the room ensures that you can move about safely and reduces shadows.

6. Highlighting a Specific Element

Floor lamps are great for showcasing certain pieces of furniture, for example, your new marble coffee table or that antique accent chair that’s been in your family for generations. Pairing pieces like this with the right lamp really makes them a feature in the room. A floor lamp with a downward-facing lamp works well for smaller pieces of furniture, while an arc floor lamp is a better choice for larger pieces because the lamp extends over to the center of the object and sheds lightly directly over it.

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