Timeless Lighting in the Home

Interior design trends can be fleeting. What’s in one moment, is out the next. Swapping out certain pieces in your home for the latest trendy design is a fun way to keep it looking updated, but be sure to also include items that have longevity. Lighting is a good place to start. Classic, timeless fixtures will transition well across the seasons and even decades. These fixtures will look stylish and on-trend now and in years to come.

How to identify a classic, timeless fixture

Timeless lighting has classic appeal and suits a wide array of interior styles. With an emphasis on craftsmanship, the shape and form of the fixture are elegant. Design details such as crystal, linen shades, and gold, bronze and brass finishes are all prominent. The silhouette of classic lighting design showcases the fixture’s curves and gentle edges

Style it right

– Rooms such as the living room and dining room are typically used for gathering and socialising. A timeless fixture in this room should act as the focal point and be a potential conversation starter. Consider a chandelier dripping in crystals or a large, round gold-rimmed flush mount ceiling fixture.

– Symmetry is key in achieving a classic look. Matching pairs of fixtures create balance in a room. Flank your living room sofa with matching linen shade lamps or install matching wall sconces on either side of your bed.

– To ensure your classic fixtures don’t look out of place, create continuity from room to room. This doesn’t mean you need to have matching fixtures in all rooms of the home – it simply means that the various finishes and shapes of your fixtures complement each other. For example, if you have used a bronze table lamp in the living room, choose bronze-finish wall sconces for the dining room.

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