Lighting for the Retail Space

Layer ambient and accent lighting

When illuminating a retail space there should be ambient lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting will provide the store with general illumination so that customers and staff can move about comfortably and safely. Accent lighting will showcase and highlight specific merchandise and displays. The ambient lighting in a store should always be low enough so that it’s an obvious contrast to the accent lighting. This allows the merchandise to really stand out.

Stay true to brand values

The fixtures and lighting layout of a store should match the brand’s values. Budget-friendly stores do better with ambient lighting, while the emphasis in high-end stores is on accent lighting to create an upmarket look.

Pay attention to colour temperature

The colour temperature of a store’s lighting affects its demographic. Younger shoppers prefer spending money in stores with a cooler color temperature (4000K to 6000K) as this lighting creates a contemporary, spacious feel. An older demographic prefers shopping in stores with a warmer colour temperature (2700K to 3000K) as this conveys familiarity and comfort. Jewellery stores in particular benefit from having both cool and warm lighting. Gold looks best under 3000K lighting while silver and diamonds really shine under 4000K.

Use hot spot lighting

Direct the brightest light where you want the most attention. This simple “hot spot” lighting technique highlights new merchandise, special offers, and any stock that needs to be sold quickly, capturing the attention of customers in-store as well as passers-by.

Work your window

Good retail lighting captures the attention of passersby and lures potential customers into the store. An eye-catching window display is an easy way of achieving this. Use bold, high-contrast lighting in different colours. Lighting that creates movement and variations of brightness is even better.

Change up the changing rooms

Awful lighting in a changing room is not going to convince customers to buy anything. Cheap downlights are not flattering on anyone and should be replaced with warm, vertical linear lights on either side of the mirror.

Use integrated lighting

According to research, customers are twice as likely to pick up an item from a shelf with integrated lighting than a shelf without. For this reason alone, LED tape lighting is worth investing in.

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