Security Lighting Q&A

How does exterior lighting act as a security measure?

A strategically illuminated home exterior deters would-be intruders because it eliminates dark corners for them to hide in. They’re automatically more visible to those looking out from inside the house as well as to passers-by.

Lighting the exterior of my home can increase my electricity bill. How do I prevent this from happening?

Leaving exterior lights on through the night can work out costly. For this reason, motion sensor lights, solar fixtures, and fixtures set to a timer are best. Motion sensor lights only turn on when movement is detected. This sudden flash of light should scare intruders away immediately. It will also catch your eye and alert you from inside the home. Solar lights charge up during the day using power from the sun, which is stored in an internal battery. At night, this stored energy is used to power up the fixture. Setting your lights to a timer not only lowers your electricity bill but also creates the illusion that someone is home. This is a great strategy if you’re away for a few days or are working late. Another option is to use LED fixtures. They don’t use as much power as traditional bulbs, resulting in a comparatively lower electricity bill.

What is the best location for floodlights?

If floodlights are not positioned well, they can cause an unpleasant glare for both you and your neighbours. You may think that installing them close to a point of entry will be most effective, but the opposite is true. Blinding light in this location creates deep shadows in other parts of the garden. Mount your floodlight up along the roofline. This way, the beam covers a larger area of the garden and the fixture is less likely to be tampered with.

What colour bulb should I choose for my outdoor fixtures?

Bright white bulbs are going to be most effective for outdoor security lighting purposes. While coloured bulbs may look pretty, they have a distorting effect on how your garden looks and this makes it challenging to spot intruders approaching your home.

Which is better – one very bright light or multiple lights of a lower brightness?

One bright light will cause unwanted shadows for criminals to hide in. Rather opt for multiple fixtures with a lower level of brightness, so that more of your exterior is bathed in light.

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