3 Reasons to Love the Bedside Pendant Trend

Bedside Pendant

Pendants free up space
Our bedside tables often play host to a variety of objects. Books, reading glasses, picture frames, and other personal items occupy the precious tabletop space next to our beds leaving little room for that essential functional fixture – a bedside table lamp. Pendants are a practical solution to this common problem. Suspending pendant lights on either side of the bed eliminates the need for a table fixture, freeing up that precious counter space.

Pendants add personal style
From streamlined and minimalist to ornate and showstopping, there’s a pendant light to suit every decor style. While table lamps will always have their place next to the bed, this hanging interior eye candy packs a decorative punch and offers a fresh alternative. An otherwise boring space is immediately elevated with the introduction of a pendant light or two and presents the opportunity to inject your personal taste or style into a space.

Pendants offer creative freedom
There’s no denying it – out of all lighting fixtures pendant lights are the most playful and fun. They can be hung as a single fixture, suspended in multiples, or grouped together in a cluster. When it comes to flanking your bed with these beauties, there are a number of inventive ways to install them:

  1. We often preach about symmetry and balance in interior design but sometimes rules are made to be broken! Go for an asymmetrical look by suspending one pendant higher than the pendant on the other side of the bed. This unusual look also gives the illusion of movement. 
  2. If you still love the more traditional look of a bedside table lamp but are intrigued by the bedside pendant trend, then have both. Suspend a pendant on one side of the bed and place a table lamp on the other side. Keep the look cohesive by selecting fixtures in similar tones or made with the same material.
  3. For a completely different look, insert a hook into the wall at about the same height as a table lamp shade and loop the pendant’s cord around it so that the fixture dangles from the hook as opposed to being suspended from the ceiling.

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