5 Reasons to Invest in Quality Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting makes your home and garden look better. A strategically lit exterior and garden enhances your home’s appearance at night, with decorative fixtures such as outdoor lamps and pendants adding stylish flair. Well-thought-out landscape lighting can be used to highlight your home’s architectural features, showcase beautiful flower gardens, or light up trees and fountains. 


Your garden and outdoor entertainment area shouldn’t just be used during the day. We live in a country with a generally mild year-round climate, making outdoor living possible both during the day and at night. When your garden and entertainment or patio area is well-lit you can use it long after the sun goes down. Floodlights offer a substantial amount of general illumination and can be used to brighten up portions of the garden such as the pool or braai area. Pendant lighting, wall sconces and lanterns illuminate the patio area for entertaining in the evening and al fresco dining. 


Outdoor lighting plays an important role in protecting your home and loved ones from unwanted intruders. Your home immediately becomes less of a target when it is sufficiently illuminated at night because there are no dark spots for criminals to hide in. When installing lighting for security, don’t forget about the sides of the house too. You should ideally walk the perimeter of your property and make a note of any dark corners where intruders might go unnoticed. Floodlights that are motion-activated or set on timers make for ideal security lighting, especially at the entrance of your home as this will deter would-be intruders as they approach your property.


Navigating the exterior of your home in the dark is dangerous and can lead to you and your guests being seriously injured. Sharp edges, stairs, drop-offs, and tripping hazards are all difficult to avoid when you can’t see them clearly. By illuminating exterior areas such as pathways, staircases, and pool areas you make them visible to those using them and therefore prevent possible injury. It’s especially important to illuminate the entrance to your home so that guests can identify your house number, park their car, and walk up to your front door with ease.


Outdoor lighting increases your property value and will get you an immediate return on investment. In fact, it has been listed by a large percentage of potential home buyers as an essential quality for their ideal home. Investing in quality outdoor lighting showcases the best features of your home and increases its curb appeal, making it an attractive option when it goes on the market.

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