3 Tips for Lighting your Kitchen Island

The kitchen is considered by some as the heart of the home, a multifunctional space where carefully-considered lighting has a big impact. If your kitchen has an island, it is most like the focal point of the space so you’ll want to take extra care when illuminating it. Lighting this area is important for task-oriented activities such as reading recipe books, cutting vegetables, and even doing homework or other household admin. But perhaps you simply want to show it in its best lights for decorative reasons. Either way, you’ll want to take note of the following three tips to ensure you light it right.

Consider the size of the island

The size of your kitchen island is going to dictate how it should be illuminated. This multifunctional feature of the home calls for anywhere from 300 lumens per square metre or more, depending on how big it is and what supplementing fixtures are placed elsewhere in the room.

Choose from these three types of fixtures

Pendants: The most popular choice for kitchen island lighting in the contemporary home. This option of fixture allows for versatility in the height of suspension. The look and feel of the room can also dramatically be altered by the number of pendants you install and the design of them.

Linear Chandelier: A linear chandelier with multiple bulbs can offer an even spread of light across the entire island countertop. They’re easier to install and wire in comparison to multiple pendants as they are just one fixture. Be sure to select a design where the bulbs are facing downwards. A linear chandelier with bulbs pointing upwards is going to spread the beam of light onto the ceiling as opposed to across the countertop below.

Recessed Lights: If you have a low ceiling or prefer a more streamlined look then recessed lights above the kitchen island are the way to go. If your entire kitchen has recessed lighting and you want your island to still have its own light source, then use multiple smaller fixtures above the island and connect them to a dimmer switch. You can also ensure that they have more lumens per light than the other recessed lights in the space.

Ensure you use the right bulb

When planning lighting for above your kitchen island, consider your bulbs carefully. There is no point in selecting the perfect style of fixture if your bulb is not right for the space either. The optimal colour temperature for the kitchen island ranges from 3000k to 35000k. Opt for energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs. They have the added benefit of emitting less heat in comparison to incandescents, which is ideal for a space that will already be hot from cooking.

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