Walk-in Pantry and Closet Lighting

Walk-in Pantry and Closet Lighting

Walk-in storage spaces such as pantries and closets certainly don’t come standard in every house. But if you are lucky enough to have one (or both), there’s a good chance that you haven’t really given its lighting much thought. Well-considered pantry and closet lighting not only elevates their appearance, but also provides essential task lighting to get the most out of these spaces.

How to Illuminate a Walk-in Pantry

  1. Calculate the dimensions of your pantry.
  2. Decide if you want to hardwire fixtures or go wireless.
  3. Determine if you have an available wall outlet.
  4. Decide on a fixture style – ceiling light, LED strip light, track lighting etc.
  5. Calculate the right quantity of fixtures needed to adequately illuminate the pantry.

Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed lighting in a walk-in pantry creates a streamlined, contemporary look. Be sure to space them out correctly to create an even spread of overhead illumination.

Surface-mounted Ceiling Lights

Surface-mounted ceiling lights are available in a variety of different styles. Even though this fixture will be in the pantry and likely hidden behind doors, select a style that compliments the rest of your kitchen decor.

Under-shelf Lights

Overhead light fixtures can cast shadows. Pair a ceiling light with undershelf fixtures such as LED strip lights, tape lights or puck lights.

Track Lights

Track lights can also be used as a supplementary light form. Position them to highlight open shelves.

How to Illuminate a Walk-in Closet

Choose high-CRI light sources.

You may not think so at first, but a walk-in closet is a task-oriented space in the home. It’s where you select your clothing and get dressed for the day. With this in mind, you’ll want its lighting to display your items in their truest colour forms, so that you can put outfits together that don’t clash. Always choose high-CRI light sources that will render colours in their truest form. A higher CRI (colour rendering index) of 80-85 is best, whilst a natural white LED (4000K – 5500K) light source will assist with highlighting the true colours of your clothing.

Install strip lights

Install strip lights inside your hanging closet space. By positioning fixtures above your clothes rods, you’ll be able to see colours more clearly and won’t mistake your navy items for black ones and vice versa. If you have dedicated shelves for your shoes, strip lighting positioned horizontally along the tops of the shelves, will illuminate each pair, making them a focal point.

Use track lights to brighten dark corners

Track lights consist of individual light sources mounted to a metal rail. These light sources are often rotatable, allowing you to position each beam of light in any direction you like. Aim a beam towards trouble spots inside your closet, perhaps a dark corner where it’s challenging to determine the exact colour of your clothing items. Blacks, dark browns and navies are often tricky to differentiate in a dimly lit space.

Go glam with chandeliers and pendant lights

Make your walk-in closet feel luxurious with the addition of a chandelier or pendant. These decorative fixtures add a whimsical yet sophisticated touch to the space, whilst offering essential overhead lighting. If your closet is on the smaller side, opt for a flush-mount chandelier or linear pendant.

Showcase your collections with cabinet lights

If your walk-in closet has display cabinets with glass doors, then utilise cabinet lights to showcase the items inside. Sunglasses, jewellery and handbags become focal points in the space when illuminated by the glow of cabinet lights.

Install a dimmer switch

Consider how and when you use your closet. A bright flood of light at 6am, while you’re getting ready for the day, can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Lighting set to a dimmer switch allows you to control the level of light, enabling you to create a softer glow for the morning and a brighter, cheerier light in the evening.

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