Perimetre Wall Lighting Tips

If you reside in a suburban area with neighbours on three sides of your property, then it’s highly likely that the only perimeter wall you need to think about illuminating, is the one at the front of your home.

This wall functions as the entrance of your home and will have a gate or opening of some sort, so that your property can be entered by vehicle or on foot. For safety, security and aesthetic reasons, it’s important that you illuminate this area with careful consideration. These are our tips.

Use more fixtures with a lower brightness

When selecting perimeter wall fixtures, it’s better to install more fixtures with a lower level of brightness as opposed to fewer fixtures with a more intense level of brightness. This is because you want to eliminate any dark spots and shadowy corners where criminals can hide under the cover of darkness when trying to gain access to your property.

Keeps costs down

Keeping your perimeter wall illuminated throughout the night can be expensive. The best way to reduce costs and still keep the lights on is to invest in solar fixtures, motion-sensor fixtures or LED fixtures. You can also opt to set your lighting to a timer, giving you full control over exactly when they come on and go off. This, along with day/night bulbs, is a particularly savvy option if you’re away from home for days at a time or come home late at night.

Add ambient and accent lighting

Illuminating your perimeter wall does wonders to improve your home’s curb appeal. A perimeter wall with accent lighting can increase the value of your home and creates a welcoming ambience for both you and your guests to arrive at. It’s also an opportunity to add interest. Wall lanterns and pillar lights are a stylish addition and inject character, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to add ground fixtures at the base of your wall. Garden spikes and upward-facing spotlights can be used to highlight flower beds and interesting architecture or brickwork. Elevate your home’s curb appeal even more by using fixtures that are similar in style or belong to the same collection. This creates a cohesive look.

Schedule regular maintenance checks

There’s no point in having perimeter wall fixtures if they don’t work. Regular checks and maintenance will ensure your fixtures are working optimally at all times. Put a routine in place where you check for burnt-out bulbs and wipe fixtures clean of dirt and dust. This will allow you to discern when a bulb change or fixture upgrade is due.

Consider the neighbours

Whatever type of fixture you choose, always be mindful of your neighbours. While you may want a bright floodlight on your wall, your neighbours across the street may not enjoy it as much. Most fixtures can be accommodated without shining into the neighbours’ homes if positioned the right way. Play around with angles during installation and be sure to check at night if any of your fixtures are creating an unpleasant glare.

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