Selecting the Right Fixtures for Your Kitchen Dining Space

There’s no denying the vital role that lighting plays in setting the mood and establishing an ambience of any space in the home. The kitchen is no exception, and if you happen to have a dedicated zone in this room for dining then there’s even more reason to pay special attention to what look and feel you’re trying to achieve through lighting. Whether you have a traditional breakfast nook, a small round cafe table or a larger family-style table setup, the fixtures you introduce into this space can elevate its overall look. These are some of our favourite interior decor styles and the fixtures we recommended for each of them.


If you’re going for a contemporary look for your kitchen dining area, then sleek, modern fixtures with a sophisticated edge are the way to go. Pendant lights with clean lines and geometric shapes work particularly well with this style, as do fixtures made from materials such as brushed nickel, chrome and glass. Whatever style of fixture you choose, be sure to prioritise those with an LED light source and if they have dimming capabilities too, even better.


Enhance the charm of a rustic breakfast nook or dining table by including fixtures that have vintage or farmhouse appeal. In contrast to the sleek, polished look of contemporary fixtures, you’re aiming for pendants with metal shades or a weathered finish. Bronze, copper and black fixtures be they for the ceiling or wall, are also great options for a rustic aesthetic. You could also look at including lantern-style fixtures or a chandelier with candle-style bulbs. To achieve that golden glow often associated with rustic interiors, opt for light bulbs that offer a soft, warm glow.


Scandinavian design is characterised by a minimalist and functional aesthetic. To align your lighting with this style of decor, select fixtures that are simple in design and have clean lines. Embrace practicality and minimalism by incorporating fixtures that are effortlessly chic and strike the perfect balance between light, form, and material. Keep in mind that Scandinavian lighting focuses on warm, diffused light as opposed to harsh, bright light. If in doubt when shopping around, go with an all-white fixture with metal or wooden accents. Anything in matt black or light timber tones also lends itself to the Scandi-theme.


If you’re aiming for a kitchen dining area that leans toward the industrial chic aesthetic, then include fixtures that have raw, edgy appeal. Pendants with metal shades in black, brushed steel and bronze all lend themselves to this look as do industrial-style chandeliers, track lights and any fixture where the bulb remains exposed.


Coastal-inspired spaces call for light fixtures that complement a relaxed, breezy aesthetic. Keep things neutral or reflective of a seaside colour palette. Fixtures made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan all complement a coastal-themed space as do recessed downlights, which provide an even distribution of illumination while giving the space an airy, laidback feel.

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