Our Top 7 Security Lighting Tips

A lighting setup with safety and security in mind plays a critical role in keeping the home safe. A well-lit home assists in deterring criminal activity, improves visibility and makes the occupants of the home feel safer.


Would-be intruders are far less likely to target a property that is effectively illuminated at night as they run the risk of being caught. Light fixtures installed for security purposes make a property less inviting for criminals and reduce the likelihood of break-ins, theft and vandalism.

Improved visibility:

Security lighting allows occupants of the home to not only see what is going on outside at night but also allows them to make use of outdoor spaces safely. Arriving home to a house shrouded in darkness increases the risk of accidents and falls. Properly illuminated driveways, pathways, garages and front door areas all make it safer for drivers and pedestrians to get inside the home safely.

Peace of mind:

This type of lighting provides home and property owners with the peace of mind that they have taken their security setup beyond just an alarm system or security gates. This is especially true for those who are more vulnerable as it reduces the stress and anxiety that can come with being home alone.

These are our top 7 security lighting tips:

  1. Install motion-activated flood lights: These are one of the most popular security lighting fixtures. They turn on when movement is detected and can frighten potential intruders away. They also serve as an alarm for the occupants inside the home as it signals that someone has approached the house.
  2. Illuminate all entry points: Installing fixtures at the front and back of the home is obvious, but don’t forget any entrances you may have on the sides of your house, for example, a dining room or bedroom sliding door.
  3. Invest in timers: Lighting set to a timer will give the impression that someone is at home, even when you’re not. This is especially useful when you’re away on holiday or working late.
  4. Install landscape lighting: While you don’t want your garden lit up like a Christmas tree, it’s important that there are no pools of darkness for intruders to hide in. Well-lit pathways, walkways and large bushes make it challenging for criminals to hide.
  5. Opt for solar fixtures: Lighting that is powered by the sun will reduce your energy bill and guarantees that your home is still illuminated even when load shedding kicks in.
  6. Install fixtures at different heights: Be sure to install some fixtures in places that are higher up and harder to reach. Criminals may tamper with fixtures that are on the ground but a flood light installed higher up, for example, is impossible to get to in a hurry.
  7. Do routine maintenance checks: There’s no point in installing security lights if you have burnt-out bulbs or failing fixtures. Go around your outdoor area regularly and make sure that all bulbs and fixtures are working effectively.

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