The Benefits of Garden Spikes and Where to Install Them

Characterised by a light source attached to a spike or stake, garden spike lights are a type of outdoor fixture designed to be installed directly into the ground. In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits of this style of fixture and talk you through our top locations to install them.

Benefits of Garden Spike Lights

Flexibility is the main convenience of garden spike lights. They’re easy to move around your outdoor space, which means you can change their location in your garden whenever you like. This is great if your lighting needs change throughout the seasons. They’re also made out of durable, robust materials and are designed to be weather resistant. From rain and snow to the heat of the African sun, garden spike lights won’t be affected by the change in temperature or moisture in the air. Additionally, they typically have a low profile in comparison to larger outdoor fixtures, making them a subtle addition to your outdoor lighting setup. They do their job without drawing too much attention, an ideal feature for landscaping.

Where to Place Garden Spike Lights

While the garden spike light is a versatile and effective fixture, its placement is important. These are some of our favourite outdoor spots to get the most out of your fixtures.

  1. Highlight Your Garden Beds: If you want to showcase your flowers and plants in the best light, then garden spikes are the way to go. Install them around the perimeter of your garden beds or place them strategically between certain plants to create a warm glow.
  2. Create Pathway Lighting: Garden spikes also make for excellent safety lighting and can be used to illuminate pathways, walkways and driveways. Their gentle glow will help guide pedestrians to a front door or around an outdoor space, reducing the risk of tripping.
  3. Accentuate Trees and Shrubs: The striking, organic shape of trees and shrubs can become a feature in your garden by using garden spikes. To showcase its natural beauty, install spike lights at the base of a tree and direct the beam upwards or place them behind a shrub to create a silhouette.
  4. Provide Ambient Lighting: A gently illuminated backyard makes a relaxing evening view, whether you’re peering out the window from inside or sitting on your patio. Garden fixtures are perfect for providing ambient lighting that will create a warm, inviting glow. Place them around your outdoor entertainment area or position them along your perimeter wall to achieve the desired effect.

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