5 Ways to Create a Cosy Living Room this Winter

Install an electric fireplace

Few interior features make a home feel cosier than a fireplace. The flickering of amber flames and heat emission transform any living space into a cosy den during the winter months. But not all homes are built with a fireplace and installing one can be costly. The solution? An electric fireplace. A growing trend with multiple benefits, these plug-in options are not only easy to install and fairly cost-effective to run, but they also eliminate the mess that goes hand-in-hand with a traditional fireplace and don’t require any cleanup. And then there is the safety factor. There are always potential safety risks when you burn firewood inside your home, such as smoke and ash inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning, and chimney fires. This is not a concern with an electric fireplace where you have greater operational control. The Radiant range of electric fireplaces comprises four different designs, each offering warmth and the inviting glow of imitation flames. Choose from a flat or curved front and pebble or coal base.

Switch off your overheads, turn on your lamps

One of the simplest ways to take your living room ambience from cold to cosy, is to switch off your overhead lights and turn on your lamps. A combination of floor lamps and table lamps with semi-opaque fabric shades, made from linen or cotton, will achieve an ethereal glow, as will any frosted or alabaster glass shade.

Lower the lighting with a dimmer

Installing a dimmer switch allows you to adjust the level of lighting in the room. Lowering the level of light in your living room is immediately going to make it feel more inviting. A low level of light is intimate and sets the tone for a relaxing evening.

Opt for warm white bulbs

Cool white bulbs certainly have their place in the home, but if you’re aiming to achieve a cosy living space then rather opt for warm white. They offer a comforting glow and encourage the body and mind to unwind, which is often what we need at the end of the day. When selecting warm white bulbs, look for a colour temperature of 2700 Kelvins or less.

Consider the colour and material of your fixtures

Fixtures in warm hues of chocolate brown, taupe, mustard, caramel and rust all make a room feel more inviting, as do those in metallics such as bronze, copper and gold. In terms of materials, lean towards fabric shades and wood accents. The simple addition of a small table lamp, in the right colours and material can impact a room greatly.

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