Three Different Types of Project Lighting

High-bay Lights

Large indoor buildings that cover a lot of vertical and horizontal space call for high-bay light fixtures. Spaces such as gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, factories and manufacturing facilities are all examples of places that require powerful lighting that provides the appropriate foot-candle levels to adequately illuminate. Defined as a light intended for use in spaces where the ceiling height ranges from 6-12m from the floor, high-bay fixtures hang from the ceiling on hooks, chains and pendants, but they can also be fixed directly to the ceiling itself.

Track Lights

No project lighting setup in spaces like galleries, art studios or boutique shops is complete without track lighting. These ceiling lights with the ability to swivel and pivot in different directions enable the user to highlight specific focal points. An aesthetically pleasing blend of industrial design and elegance, the light fixture on a track light attaches to a continuous track of electrical conductors. Track lights are typically positioned on a straight track that mounts directly to the ceiling. This linear style is the easiest to install and works particularly well in narrow spaces. Track lights can also be found in a curved or custom-design configuration, allowing for increased flexibility.

Panel Lights

LED panel lighting found in commercial applications serves as a modern replacement for conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. They’re designed to be mounted on recessed ceilings or suspended grid ceilings and are constructed to allow for better illumination conditions. Homes, offices, retail spaces, hotel lobbies, restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets all benefit from this innovative and energy-efficient fixture that delivers a flawless flood of illumination without visible bulbs and hot spots.

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