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Budget-friendly DIY

Create a cohesive look with light bulbs

A simple change that can have a huge visual impact on a space is light bulbs. Most people often only change them if they are burnt out, but it may be worth going around your home to take note of the type and colour temperature of the bulbs you have in each fixture. Fluorescents or harsh white bulbs can make a space feel uninviting. Replace all your existing bulbs with warm-tone LED’s to create a cosier, more unified feel. Having bulbs in various colour temperatures can make a space feel chaotic, while homes that feature the same temperature bulb throughout, tend to have a more cohesive feel. LED’s are also energy-efficient and require replacing less often, saving you money in the long run.

Don’t underestimate the impact of a table lamp

If you’re looking to update the look of a room, don’t underestimate the power of a table lamp. They’re one of the more affordable lighting options that can be positioned in multiple locations, to add both decorative flair and essential task lighting. Consider pairing a small table lamp with a larger design, so as to create a cluster of lighting on a console table or countertop.

Give your kitchen a polished look with strip lighting

Adding strip lights underneath your wall-mounted kitchen cabinets is immediately going to give the room a polished look. They not only make the space look professionally designed, but also provide both decorative and task illumination. If you have an attractive backsplash or countertop item that you want to highlight, then position the strip light towards the back of the cabinet, closer to the wall. If illumination for tasks such as preparing food or reading recipe books is a priority, then the fixtures need to be closer to the front of the cabinet.

Move fixtures around

Simply moving fixtures around is an easy way to elevate the look of your home and it doesn’t cost a cent. By removing a fixture from one room and placing it in another, you give the fixture new life and create a fresh look. Try placing fixtures in unexpected places for an interesting look. A chandelier in the bathroom, a small table lamp perched on a bookshelf, or sconces flanking the bed are all practical examples.

Make sure you have diffused light

When layering your lighting, make sure that at least one fixture is offering diffused illumination. Diffused light is softer, warmer and more flattering – a nice contrast to other concentrated, direct undiffused light sources in the space. Opaque glass, paper and fabric shades all produce diffused light. This simple swap will make an entire room feel different.

Check the dimensions of your fixtures

Scale is everything, so if you are going to splurge and buy a new fixture then ensure it is the right size for its intended space. A fixture that is too large for a room can look out of place and overwhelming, while one that is too small will look somewhat comical and won’t provide sufficient illumination. If you’re buying online, always check the dimensions first as pictures can be deceiving.

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