Tool Storage Ideas for Your Garage

Your garage can either be a catch-all spot where chaos reigns or your pride and joy. Having practical storage solutions in place can ensure it remains the latter. These are our tips for keeping your tools organised and in place inside your garage.

The garage is often used as a dumping zone for items that can’t be accommodated inside the house. From sports equipment and fishing gear to kid’s toys and pool floats, the garage can be an area that quickly becomes unorganised. By installing cabinets, these items are given a designated area to live. Cabinets are also essential for tool storage to keep them protected from dust and exposure to the elements, which can cause damage and corrosion.

If DIY is your thing or you’re the unofficial handyman around the house, then a workbench can serve as a practical space to complete tasks and store tools. Look for a design that comes with built-in storage like draws and hooks to store your tools. Even better, build your own and customise it to your needs. This way your tools are easily accessible when you need them and are safely out of the way when you don’t.

Wall Racks
If floor space is limited, turn to the walls. Often a blank canvas, the garage walls are an underused space with numerous storage possibilities. Install racks, hooks and open shelves to organize your gardening equipment, cleaning supplies, hardware and tools.

Magnetic Tool Holders
For tools that you need to be able to grab quickly, consider magnetic tool holders. They’re easy to install and are great for holding small to medium-sized metal tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers.

Overhead storage racks
The garage ceiling is another underused section of the space. By storing large items like bicycles, kayaks and fishing rods, you free up space for your tools in other areas of the garage. Large power tools that aren’t used as often can also find a home in this overhead space.

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