Rechargeable LED Tube Lights, Modules and Emergency Lights

A combination of energy efficiency, convenience and versatility, rechargeable LED lights are a modern lighting solution that offer multiple benefits. Learn more about these new additions to the Radiant range.


Our LED rechargeable emergency T8 tubes are new to the South African market and are ideal for office and factory applications. These environments call for support illumination during periods of load shedding so that productivity is not interrupted. T8 tubes are long, linear lamps designed to operate in traditional fluorescent fixtures. These rechargeable ones take 15 hours to fully charge and offer up to three hours of illumination.


This rechargeable LED downlight will ensure that your supply of overhead illumination is not interrupted during periods of load shedding. It’s also ideal for use as an emergency evacuation light and can be used to guide the way to exit points. It takes 24 hours to fully charge and offers three hours of illumination. An indicator light shows when it is operating at full power or being charged.


Another product new to the South African market is our LED rechargeable module light, available in 205mm and 128mm. LED modules are self-contained devices that contain a chain of LED emitters. They’re a lighting solution used for various applications where space is limited, for example, signage and display units where traditional bulbs or tubing won’t reach. They can also replace traditional lamps in ceiling fittings to provide even lighting. Our rechargeable designs are surface mountable and are pre-set to three levels of brightness that can be controlled with a regular light switch. They take up to 10 hours to charge and provide three hours of illumination at 100% brightness and up to 12 hours of illumination at 25% brightness.


A flashlight is a handy addition to any household. Whether you keep it in the bedside drawer, pop it in the boot of your car or add it to your camping kit, having a form of backup illumination on hand is always a good idea. This LED rechargeable design has a lithium-ion battery so you never have to worry about buying single-use alkaline batteries. Even better, when the rechargeable batteries reach the end of their lifecycle, they can easily be replaced. It takes three hours to charge and offers up to four hours of full brightness and eight hours of lower brightness illumination.


This three-sided LED rechargeable lantern is a versatile, portable fixture that can be used just about anywhere to provide additional illumination when needed. The touch control setting means that you touch it once for one-sided light, twice for double-sided light and three times for three-sided light. Touching it four times will turn the lantern off. To dim the light, simply long-press the touch switch. It takes four to six hours to charge and offers one to three hours of illumination, depending on how many sides are switched on.


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