Heat your Bathroom this Winter with a 3-in-1 Combo Unit

The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the home so it’s important that the time you spend there is comfortable. This means it should ideally be warm, well-ventilated, and have good lighting. There are numerous ways to achieve this trifecta, but perhaps the most convenient and effective way to do so is by investing in a 3-in-1 combo unit which comprises a heater, light, and extractor fan all in one. This all-in-one solution is an excellent addition to the bathroom year-round, but as winter descends on South Africa, we can’t think of a better time than now to add this practical fixture to your space.


The bathroom may be functional but there’s no need to take a totally utilitarian approach in designing/decorating it. A 3-in-1 combo unit is highly practical but it also adds a luxurious touch to the space and lends itself to a spa-like feel. Stepping out of the shower into a toasty, well-ventilated environment with great lighting makes going about your morning/evening routine so much more enjoyable. These units are generally well-priced, are easy to install, and save on space, making them ideal for even the most compact of bathrooms.



When deciding on a unit consider the amount of heating you require based on the size of your bathroom. Radiant Lighting offers 3-in-1 units in a two-lamp configuration and four-lamp configuration. If your bathroom is on the small side then a two-lamp unit will provide you with more than enough heat. However, if your bathroom is relatively large then a four-lamp unit will be a better investment.


Although the light provided by the combo unit will not be the primary source of illumination in your bathroom it is important that it still serves its purpose – to supplement the other fixtures you already have in place. The two-lamp configuration features two 275W R125 infra-red lamps, while the four lamp configuration features four 275W R125 infra-red lamps.

Fan The extractor fan component of these units has a multitude of benefits. It draws steam and moisture out of the room, preventing mould from growing and mirrors from fogging up. It also eliminates bad odours. To do all of this effectively the fan needs to be powerful.

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