Outdoor Lighting

  • If you want to enhance your security, light up your garden landscape or simply create well-lit outdoor entertainment areas, our choice of outdoor lighting products can meet all your requirements. With ranges that include solar and energy-efficient solutions, we can help you with inspired lighting and designs that will add quality and beauty to your outdoor lifestyle.

  • Security Lights
    Security Lights
    • Improve your home security with outdoor security lights.
  • Ground Lights
    Ground Lights
    • Highlight pathways and accentuate garden features with our range of ground lights.
  • Garden Lights
    Garden Lights
    • Increase security and enhance landscaping with garden lights.
  • Portable Lights
    Portable Lights
    • Portable lighting is perfect for illuminating outdoor projects and events.
  • Path lights
    Path lights
    • Light up your pathway or highlight specific features of any outdoor space with path lights.
  • Pillar lights
    Pillar lights
    • Use Pillar Lights to illuminate your gateway, pathway or garden and add a decorative touch to your pillars.
  • Garden spike lights
    Garden spike lights
    • Garden spike lights brighten up your garden and accentuate your outdoor features.
  • Outdoor Wall Lights
    Outdoor Wall Lights
    • Outdoor wall lights are perfect for both decorative and security purposes, working to create a glowing ambience in the garden at night.
  • Outdoor Portable Lights
    Outdoor Portable Lights
    • Portable outdoor lighting is ideal for camping or outdoor projects.
  • Flood Lights
    Flood Lights
    • Flood lights are used to wash an area for security, functional or decorative purposes.
  • Outdoor/Patio Heater
    Outdoor/Patio Heater
    • Combat the cold with our range of outdoor patio heaters.
  • Submersible Lights
    Submersible Lights
    • Brighten up your pool, pond and other water features with our range of submersible lights.
  • Pole Lights
    Pole Lights
    • Use Pole Lights to Illuminate your garden while adding a decorative flair.