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  • Lighting Tips for the Retail Space

    Lighting Tips for the Retail Space

    When illuminating a retail space there should be ambient lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting will provide the store with general illumination so that customers and staff can move about comfortably and safely. Accent lighting will showcase and highlight specific merchandise and displays. The ambient lighting in a store should always be low enough so that it’s an obvious contrast to the accent lighting. This allows the merchandise to really stand out.Read More

  • Pendant Lighting: 4 Top Tips

    Pendant Lighting: 4 Top Tips

    Pendant lighting is all the rage right now and we can see why. These fixtures add personality to a room and are a great way of making a statement while giving your home an updated look. Although they’re as functional as any other type of fixture, pendants are available in a large range of styles, shapes, and colours making them a sculptural focal point wherever they’re placed.Read More

  • The Benefits of LED Floodlights

    The Benefits of LED Floodlights

    Floodlights have become a common feature around homes and commercial spaces. These broad-beamed high-intensity lights are fairly inexpensive, easy to install and come with a variety of benefits. They serve as a security measure by ensuring the exterior of your home or business is well-lit, leaving no dark spots for intruders to hide in. They provide sufficient illumination for you to safely use your braai area and swimming pool when the sun goes down. They also offer the simple functionality of providing you with enough illumination to find your keys and make your way up to your front door without stumbling in the dark.Read More

  • Timeless Lighting in the Home

    Timeless Lighting in the Home

    Interior design trends can be fleeting. What’s in one moment, is out the next. Swapping out certain pieces in your home for the latest trendy design is a fun way to keep it looking updated, but be sure to also include items that have longevity. Read More

  • Radiant Office Systems for the Modern Workplace

    Radiant Office Systems for the Modern Workplace

    The modern office has undergone some notable changes over the past few decades. Gone are the days of cubicles and corner offices. Step into a 21st-century office and you’re likely to be met with open plan desk arrangements, flexible presentation spaces, and collaborative work zones.Read More

  • FAQ when purchasing a Ceiling Fan

    FAQ when purchasing a Ceiling Fan

    A ceiling fan adds decorative detail to a room and keeps the air circulating so that the space is breezy, fresh, and comfortable to operate in. With warmer weather upon us, many South Africans are looking to upgrade their original fixtures or install fans for the first time in an attempt to beat the heat. Read More

  • Chandelier Lighting Done Right

    Chandelier Lighting Done Right

    Proportion is everything when it comes to selecting the right chandelier for a room. The diameter of the chandelier matters a lot and can impact how the fixture is perceived in a space.Read More

  • Lighting for Exposed Beam Ceilings

    Lighting for Exposed Beam Ceilings

    An exposed beam ceiling is an architectural feature in the home and it deserves to be showcased as such. There are a number of ways to illuminate the beams themselves as well as a multitude of fixtures on the market for installing lighting in the ceiling between the beams to provide general illumination for a space.Read More

  • Introducing Radiant's Range of Intelligent Hand Dryers

    Introducing Radiant's Range of Intelligent Hand Dryers

    The numerous benefits of high-speed hand dryers in public bathrooms are making them a must-have in corporate spaces, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls.Read More

  • Architectural Outdoor Lighting

    Architectural Outdoor Lighting

    The addition of exterior lighting to the outside of a home can really transform how you perceive a particular element, be it the façade of the house or the landscape that surrounds it. Lighting that is used to showcase key features or disguise others is sometimes referred to as architectural lighting, and when you implement this technique on the outside of your home, the interplay of light and shadow makes your home appear more interesting and multidimensional. Read More