The Benefits of Installing a Bathroom Heater Extractor

The Benefits of Installing a Bathroom Heater Extractor

Winter is here and you may be looking for ways to make your home warm and comforting during this drop in temperature. When heating our homes, we always consider spaces such as the living room and bedrooms. But don’t neglect what may be the coldest room in the house - the bathroom. This room gets particularly chilly in winter thanks to its cold surfaces like marble, glass, and tile. Make your morning and evening routine a comfortable one by investing in a heater extractor for the bathroom. It will keep you toasty and offers a host of other benefits too.

Removes moisture and odours
The bathroom is a wet zone in the home and simply taking a shower or bath results in condensation. When steam rises from the hot water it mixes with the air and eventually settles on a cold surface resulting in droplets on mirrors, windows, and walls. These droplets mist up your mirror, make the floor slippery, and promote the growth of mould and bacteria. An extractor fan will draw the moisture out of the air and send it out of your home. It also serves to eliminate any unpleasant odours.

Keeps you warm
Stepping out of a hot shower into a cold bathroom is anything but comfortable, especially on really cold days. Heater extractor fans are ideal for bathrooms because they heat up small spaces quickly, allowing you to transitions from the shower to towel bar in a warm environment.

Makes cleaning easier
If you’ve ever been into a bathroom after someone has had a hot shower or bath, you’ll have noticed that all the surfaces are damp. From the fixtures to the toilet seat, using this room of the home at this stage is not exactly pleasant. A heater extractor fan solves this issue by eliminating the moisture in the air. This not only prevents mould from growing under the surface of damp walls and ceilings, but it also prevents mildew from building up. Dry mirrors and fixtures that are mildew-free will make your cleaning routine quick and easy.

If you already have an extractor fan installed in your bathroom and don’t require more illumination, then an infrared wall heater is your best bet for warming up the room. These heaters directly heat up objects and bodies in a room without heating up and drying out the air. Alternatively, you can swap out your existing extractor fan for a combo unit that consists of an extractor, heater, and lights.

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