About Us

Radiant Group (Pty) Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurolux (Pty) Ltd. Radiant comprises of three divisions:

  • Light Fittings
  • Lamps & Light Bulbs
  • Electrical Products

We are the leading supplier of light fittings in South Africa and a major supplier of lamps. We have a growing share in the electrical accessories market – from plugs to extension cords and heaters. Our key markets are construction, new infrastructure development & housing, residential, industrial and commercial.


The Radiant business began operations in 1990 when acquired by Mr. Hanan Schwartz. With the growth of the business and customer demands for a wider product range offering, the first light fittings were imported in 1993.

The business continued to experience rapid growth and in 1998 a host of private investors came on board resulting in further expansions. In 2000 Radiant diversified into the Lamp business through a joint venture with Lohuis. The overall product offering was expanded and ultimately justified the buyout and incorporation of the subsidiary divisions.

The Electrical products division was started in 2005 as a means to further satisfy the demands of an existing customer base. To reflect the change in focus and incorporate the three divisions, the Radiant Group brand was launched in 2007.


Radiant imports light fittings, lamps/light bulbs and electrical accessories for distribution to customers in South Africa and seventeen African countries.

The Radiant brand is recognisable in the African market, due to its reputation as a supplier of a wide range of high quality, competitively priced products. It successfully services electrical wholesalers, mass retailers, specialised lighting shops and lighting designers. Radiant prides itself on the size of its range which includes approximately 3,800 light fittings, 1000 different lamps, 1400 different electrical and over 300 LED products, making it the largest supplier of lighting and electrical products in Africa. The company is constantly expanding its range of innovative and aspirational products.

What 4 Electronics

What4 Electronics was established in 2009.

What4 Electronics offers the latest technological and trendy accessories, extending and complementing existing technologies. The What 4 brand is a respected brand in the market and their exclusive listing of electronic goods for distribution in the country strengthens the depth and breadth of the Radiant product portfolio

For more information please visit: www.what4electronics.co.za