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Welcome to Radiant

We are committed to a brighter future by creating lighting and electrical solutions which are beautiful by design and inspired by the environment. We are certain that you will find lighting and electrical products that compliment your life space and enlighten you.

New Products


Searching for products

  • You can search for products using one of the following methods:
    • Product menu - located at the top of the page
      • New Products - displays a view of all new products
      • Lighting / Electrical / Lamps - product divisions. Use these links to views products within a particular category
    • Keyword / Code - located at the top of the page ("search by")
      • Enter either a "Keyword" or a "Code"; or part there of and click on the search icon
      • Search values are not case sensitive
      • Tips for "Keyword":
        • Enter singular nouns, e.g.: wall light - not: wall lights
        • All words entered will be searched, so be careful when entering keywords - e.g.: "wall light downlight 50cm" will not return any results = rather enter a single valued search string
        • It is better to use "Advanced Search" if keyword searches do not yield the required search results
      • Tips for "Code":
        • Codes beginning in 06 are electrical product codes
        • Codes beginning in Y are lamp product codes
        • Codes ending in a # are manufactured items
        • Codes beginning in Z or 06Z are spares
        • No codes contain any spaces
    • Advanced search - located on the left hand panel on the page when viewing search results, and can only be accessed after using one of the above search methods
      • You can select any search option, or any combination of search options :: lamp, material, application
      • Lamps = applicable to Lighting / Lamps product divisions
      • Material = applicable to Lighting / Electrical product divisions
      • Application = applicable to Lighting / Electrical product divisions
      • If you do not retrieve any search results with the search option combinations you have selected, then please narrow down your search. E.g.: "12v lamps", "ABS" will not return any search results because "ABS" is not suitable to "12v lamps"; so search for each individually
  • Filtering your search:
    • Once you have retrieved a set of search results, you can filter through the search results using the category filter links (right below the heading "Search results...")
    • Clicking on the category headings in the gray and yellow heading bars in the search results will also filter the result set on that category.
    • Once you have clicked on a filter link, the main search result is gone and you will need to change the view by selecting another category to view.

Comparing products

  • You can pick products to compare only while viewing any "Search Results":: select any products to compare by checking the "Compare" option below the product thumbnail picture.
  • To view the compared products, click on the "Compare" button on the left hand panel below "Advanced Search"
  • By default, the first two items you selected will be displayed, but use the lists provided at the top of the page to change the items to view.
  • Click on "Clear compare list" to remove all items from the compare function. You will need to select new items from your Search Results to use the compare function again.
  • You should click on the product image to return to products pages, in order to print, email, add to wishlist, contact, buy, and view enlarged images.
  • In order to make use of the compare products function, you must have cookies enabled on your browser. Cookies are destroyed after you leave the site.

Using the Wishlist

  • You can add items to your wishlist by:
    • Search Results:: Check the "Add to wishlist" option, below the product image - you must select each item you wish to add
    • Product Page:: Click on the "Add to wishlist" button, right of the product image
    • Product Range View:: Check the "Add to wishlist" option, below the product image - you must select each item you wish to add
  • To view items in your wishlist, click on the "Wishlist" button on the page banner
    • Use the button options: print, email (send an email message with the product to a friend), delete
    • Use "Email All" to send all items in your wishlist to a friend.
    • Click on the "Clear all" button to delete the whole wishlist
  • You must have cookies enabled on your browser in order make use of the wishlist facility. The wishlist cookie remains active for 30days, so you can visit the site again at a later time and still view your wishlist.

Products view

  • You must first search for items (see above), and then click on a product picture on the Search Results page to view the product information
  • The product page displays a picture and product specs.
    • The product picture and product specs are displayed
      • Use the function buttons at the top of the page for other options: print (prints the product info together with the product pictures and technical drawings), Email to a friend, Add to wishlist, Buy (if you are a Radiant dealer), Contact us (sends an email to Radiant concerning the product you are viewing).
      • If the product has technical drawings, click on the "Technical Drawings" link to view these drawings.
      • Click on "Enlarge image" to view bigger product pictures.
      • If the product is part of a product family / range, click on "View range" to view the product family.
        • When viewing the product family, click on the a product image to return to
    • You can search for similar products by clicking on the category links at the top of the page.


  • You can send information from this site (on products) to other people using the "Email", and "Email all" buttons on the products page, wishlist or compare page. You need to complete the email form with your details, the recipients details and message.
  • You can send a product enquiry to email to Radiant by using the "Contact us" buttons on the products page.
  • Use the "Contact us" and "Complaint/Suggestion" menu options on the page banner to send an email to Radiant.